Illustration of plants on a window
Illustration of plants on a window

Breathing exercises & Lungy.

It’s easy to forget how mind-blowing breathing is - the flow and exchange of gases through tiny sacs into your bloodstream, oxygen binding and unbinding to billions of protein sites every second, going exactly where it’s needed most. We can’t control the unbinding of the oxygen, just like we can’t control our heartbeat, but, when we want to, we can consciously choose how we breathe. We can hyperventilate until we feel tingly and numb (don’t do it) or hold our breath for 8+ minutes, like Tom Cruise. This control also means we can do breathing exercises, but, why are they helpful? 🤔

The way we breathe is linked to both physical and mental well-being. If you’re unwell, stressed or anxious you may breathe shallower and faster. After an operation or in conditions like sickle cell disease it may be very important you take deep breaths to prevent some of the tiny sacs in your lungs closing up.

So, deep breathing exercises can help you recover after an operation or a chest infection. This means that you can hopefully get back to what you enjoy doing more quickly, even if what you enjoy doing is just sitting in a chair! If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, focussing on slowing your breathing can help you calm down and relax. The problem with breathing exercises is they are boring to do, and it can be tricky to do them correctly and often enough to get the benefits — and that’s where Lungy comes in!

Lungy was designed to make breathing exercises more engaging and fun, which should make you happier and healthier. We’re trying to do things differently to other breathing apps, so rather than just following a timer or instructions, Lungy’s new technology can respond to you and try to alert you if you’re hyperventilating, for example. Rather than closing your eyes and listening to an audio recording, Lungy’s visuals help you focus externally on something beautiful that can change with your breath and touch.

With Lungy, no matter how powerless you feel, you can influence the world with just your breath. Imagine what that means for the rest of your body!