Breathe beautifully.

Next-generation breathing exercises for you to relax & recharge.

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Breathing exercises that respond to you.

Breathing exercises can help you feel happier & healthier, but it can be tricky to do them every day and get the full benefits.
By recognising and responding to your breathing, Lungy makes it easy – every breath is new, exciting and rewarding!

Relax with Nature.

Lungy was developed to make breathing exercises more engaging and fun. By giving you nature-inspired visuals & music to focus on, Lungy can help you stay present and mindful in the moment.

Lungy is always there whenever you feel stressed or anxious – just find a quiet space and press the quickstart button.

Makes breathing beautiful.

Lungy’s amazing visuals will blow you away! With more than 20 different real-time visuals to choose from, you’ll always be finding something new.
From blowing dandelions to swirling nebulas – Lungy makes your breath powerful! You can choose a new visual each time, or stick with your favourite for chilling and relaxing.

Supercharge your breath.

Whether you’re training for sports, or just want to unwind after a tough day at work, Lungy can support you with different modes.

Want to learn techniques developed by Navy SEALs for stress, or deep breathing exercises to reduce tension? Lungy has lots of breathing exercises to choose from!
Lungy uses its own game-engine and patent-pending technology to create real-time generative graphics and sound. No videos, no pre-recorded audio, it’s an evolving experience that is unique, just like each breath.💙

A unique experience,

Visualise every exercise.

Lungy presents your exercise data in a way that is easy to understand, and can give you tips on how to use Lungy more effectively.
What volume did Lungy measure during the exercise – was it the volume of a tennis ball or a watermelon?! Have you managed to breathe out the volume of an elephant? Lungy can answer all these important questions and more.
Lungy will guide you on how to position the phone and take you through your first exercise. If you're still struggling, then click here for a user guide.

Easy-to-use & calibrated to you.

How to use
Lungy-how to use
Lungy will guide you how to position the phone and take you through your first exercise, so you know exactly what to do, if you're still struggling or finding, then click here for a user guide.

Easy-to-use & calibrated to you

Touch & breath reactive

Lungy’s visuals respond to every breath and touch. Find new interactions and possibilities with every breath!