Medical Disclaimer

Lungy was developed to provide an engaging platform for people to learn breathing exercises in a supportive and relaxing way. This version of Lungy, and all freely accessible versions, are intended and designed for use in people with no underlying breathing or respiratory disorder, or other medical condition which may impair or restrict performing breathing exercise. The App makes no claim to be a diagnostic or medical device, it is not intended to cure, treat or prevent illness, or be a replacement for any appropriate medical advice.

The App makes no claim to guarantee a physical or therapeutic benefit. Although there is evidence that breathing exercises can be beneficial in a range of medical conditions, they may not be appropriate or beneficial to every individual. You should consult with your doctor or relevant medical professional prior to using Lungy if you are taking any medications, are pregnant or have a diagnosed medical condition, especially one of the following: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, dysfunctional breathing, or any chronic illness. Lungy is not intended to replace any medical treatment or medication and should not be used in any acute or severe episode. (e.g. in a severe asthma attack, Lungy should NOT be used instead of an inhaler or other appropriate intervention.)

By using this App, you confirm that : (i) you are medically fit and in sound health. (ii) you have consulted your relevant health practitioner, medical advisor, or doctor before using Lungy (iii) Lungy and Pi-A Creative Systems have made the health and medical consequences of using Lungy clear (iv) you fully agree that you are using Lungy at your sole discretion and at your own risk.    

By using the App you confirm that you are medically fit to do and have consulted your medical professional appropriately.

It is clarified that Lungy is not designed or intended to be a medical or diagnostic device and the accuracy of any data collected and analysed by Lungy depends on the user; these data are subject to significant variation depending on the user’s use of The App and the environmental conditions in which these data are obtained. Any quantitative or numerical data inferred from the App’s user interface is not intended or recommended and must not be used for characterisation of lung function, spirometric measurement or diagnosis. Neither Lungy nor any of its directors, employees, officers, independent contractors, and other officials will be held liable for any misinterpretation or misunderstanding arising out of your reliance on the data presented by Lungy.

There have been rare reports that people with certain mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression have experienced worsening symptoms after engaging in intensive breathing exercises and/or mindfulness practices. As such, you are requested to consult your doctor or medical provider before using Lungy if you are unsure or have a mental health condition.

If you experience any light-headedness, dizziness, tingling, change in vision, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath or other new symptoms whilst using the App you will stop using the App immediately and seek appropriate medical advice.

You will not use this App while driving, swimming, studying, typing, listening to e-books, and other activities requiring high levels of focus and concentration. We will not be held liable for any injuries or ill-health if you use this App while engaging in any of these activities.

Effective Date : 13/11/2022