How to use Lungy:

What you'll need:
What you'll need
iPhone with iOS 12.0+
Peaceful space - illustration
Try to find a quiet, peaceful space in which you can use Lungy.
tutorial - illustration
Lungy will help you position the phone correctly with the camera. The phone should be 20 - 25cm (about 8–10 inches) from your mouth, with your head tilted slightly downwards.
Breathe in - illustration
Breathe in through your nose and gently out through pursed lips, as if you are blowing out an imaginary candle at the bottom of the screen.
Lungy's visuals - illustration
Lungy’s visuals should then respond with each breath! Everyone breathes differently and you may need to adjust the sensitivity and breath volume in ‘Settings’.

If it still feels too difficult or unresponsive, see ‘Why isn’t Lungy working?’

Common problems or ‘Why isn’t Lungy working?’

breathe across the microphone - illustration
Lungy works best if you breathe across the microphone at the bottom of the phone. If it’s not working, breathe in a different direction - usually a bit lower – and try tilting top of the phone very slightly backwards.
bulky case - illustration
If you have a very bulky phone case, Lungy may not work as well. Try removing the case if you can, or increase Lungy’s sensitivity.
Hand isn't blocking the microphone or camera - illustration
Make sure your hand isn’t blocking the microphone or camera. Lungy will never record or share video or audio.

Try cleaning the microphone - illustration
Sometimes bits of fluff & dust can make your phone’s microphone less sensitive. Try cleaning the microphone before using Lungy.
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