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Lungy v1.0

Lungy was designed to make breathing exercises more engaging and fun, which should hopefully make you happier and healthier. Lungy was developed with ūüíô in London, UK¬†by Pi-A.

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Created by: Dr Luke Hale
iOS Development: Eoin Roe, Eugene Naloiko, Kevin Malkic, Olivier Butler
Audio Development: Audio.Ed
UI / UX Design: Yoo-jin Jung, Elijah Ko, Monica Acosta Pereira

Thank you to everyone that supported Lungy's development: Dr Matthew Gleeson, Valentina Landin, Josiah Emsley, Ilari Niitamo, Prof Tony Young, Alex Trewby, Prof. John Hurst, Simon Gladman, Ege Savas, Innovate UK and Lungy's beta testers!

Lungy proudly uses the following frameworks:
- AudioKit
- Lottie
- Realm
- MKTween

'Lungy’ is a registered trademark of Pi-A Creative Systems. Copyright Pi-A Creative Systems Limited 2022. All rights reserved.